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Anna and Stas

This is the web-site of wedding photos, not the wedding photographer. The photo works of Alexey Anashkin had been exhibited in Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona, as well as in St.Petersburg's "Russian Museum" within the first Russian photo biennale.

Alexey has started making wedding photo-shoots only when he finally realised and came up to his own viewings and prospects on how to fix the moment of celebration. Behind the traditional ceremony he always sees The Story itself - the story of relationship, the story of the event, the story of the day. To show all the essential and important moments of The Story Alexey uses photo-reportage method, which he considers as the best way to make The Story perfectly told. That's why it's more likely to call Alexey not a wedding photographer, but the wedding chronicler.

"Most of photographers are likely to forget about The Story. Wedding for them - it's just another "picture to remember". It's very important to me that the story of that day would come up as a fascinating plot, which will remain interesting even many years after and not only to newlyweds, but to all other people who create that celebration, to all friends and relatives. And to all who take part in this event, here and now, no matter how important their roles are - are they the main characters or just someone from the extras".



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